My Seattle House Twin (And A Little News)

Today’s post is all about Seattle.

First, I am very happy to announce that you are now looking at (or should I say reading) the new Seattle contributor at Apartment Therapy. Yup, I got the gig! And can I just take a minute to gush about how fantastic I think you all are? Your support during the whole tryout process truly meant a lot to me. I also have to say a big thanks to K-Line without whom none of this would have happened. If you’re ever in Seattle, K-Line, drinks are on me!

Okay, on with the rest of today’s post.


It seems I have a house twin here in Seattle. Sometimes I feel like my style sticks out like a sore thumb around here so it’s kind of nice to find a kindred design spirit.

A contemporary house (and the door is orange!):


filled with very similar pieces: toile covered French style chairs, chandelier, gray couch that is exactly like ours . . .


even their dog is a similar breed!

The wooden cabinets and marble countertops in the kitchen are like ours:


as are the big windows, concrete floors and open staircase:


Have you run into a house/apartment twin on the web?

I’ll let you know when I make my AT debut!

[Addendum: I guess it's all about my house today! I just saw that my house is being featured at Shelter Pop today, too. If you're a regular reader, you've seen it all before but if you're new, you can find it here.]

(Photos: Seattle Times)



  1. So, I'm new here, but congrats on the new gig! That's huge!! I look forward to reading your posts… And this house looks lovely – I love the mix of ultra sleek modern with more traditional details like those chairs and chandelier… Very cool.

    .-= vintage simple´s last post ..Buenos Aires cool =-.

  2. ALEK says:

    Thank you all so much! You are all just the best!

    elaine: That's hysterical and creepy at the same time!

    Raina: But your interior is going to be the most stylish of the bunch.

  3. Devon says:

    Us Seattle-ites need to take you out to celebrate! That's great news Alek. So happy for you and for us as well. :)

    Is that the Montlake modern house? I love that house but can't tell if it is…
    .-= Devon´s last post ..Fall Colors… =-.

  4. Charlie says:

    Congratulations!!! I am so pleased to hear your good news! Whenever our paths cross champagne is on me!

    Oh my goodness, love the house! The stairs, kitchen,the big windows, and I love the orange front door!
    .-= Charlie´s last post ..The Art of A Letter =-.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Yay!!! Well done clever girl. I hope there were celebrations and champagne!! Good luck with it all, Alek.

    These houses make me a bit envious….I love my Victorian house but, it is very dark in some rooms (as Victorian houses often are) and I envy the light.

    But, we can't have everything, can we?!! XXXX
    .-= Jacqueline´s last post ..AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES…………… =-.

  6. K-Line says:

    Oh, I am so coming to Seattle for drinks!! This is fantastic. Now I feel personally connected to Apt. Therapy – a site I absolutely love. What a great addition you will be!

  7. ALEK says:

    Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Really! I'm so lucky to have such amazing readers!

    Devon: I think the house is in Queen Anne(?)

    K-Line: Excellent! Just say when!

  8. ABC Dragoo says:


    I am so super happy for you – and gorgeous house by the way – on all accounts – yours and your virtual twins place, however I must say I love yours more!

    I simply adore how you seamlessly mixed together old and new in your own place.

    Warm regards,

    ABC Dragoo

  9. pam robinson says:

    hi alek… congratulations! that is fantastic news… so happy for you… and i wish i could find my twin house (and garden) a little closer to work… come visit… i am waiting! x pam

  10. Siiri says:

    ALEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! OMG! Congratulations sister!!!! I am so so SO excited for you (in case the all CAPS didn't give it away). This is great news, and cause for celebration. What a great venue for you! They are so super lucky to have you on board, as I'm sure they'll soon realize if they have not already.

    If you ever want to take me up on a celebratory glass of champagne, let me know! I'd love to congratulate you in person and hear all about what's going on!


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