When my mother came to visit last month, she saw this Hermès scarf in my closet and she suggested that I get it framed:

Picture 66

Some girlfriends gave it to me as a birthday gift just before we moved from Paris. They knew I had had my eye on this design – it’s a sketch of an aerial view of Paris – and it also made the perfect memento of Paris. (Thanks again, girls!)


Anyway, I thought it was a great idea and looked around the web and found these:


I think it would look great in a dressing room (like the one we talked about last week).


So I think I’m going to do it!


What do you think? Have you ever framed a scarf?

(Photos: 1.Sketch42 2&3.Hermès 4.via CasaSugar 5.Domino 6.via Turquoise Chic)



London Zest

I totally agree with you on the framing! What a gorgeous scarf, but it might look even better in a frame! Great idea! I wonder how difficult it is to do…x LZ


No, I've never framed a scarf – baby shoes and Solomon Island Custom Money, but not a scarf. I have a similar item – a handpainted handkerchief from Japan that a client gave me in a previous life. I have always thought I should have it framed as it's so beautiful. It seems a pity to just leave your lovely scarf, that evokes so many memories, just lying in a drawer. Do it, I'm sure you won't regret it.
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Go for it! I'm a big fan of framed fabrics for their opulence – they always look more tactile than paper, even behind glass. Not too permanently, though – you'll want to take this lovely scarf out of its frame when you go to tea with Carla Bruni.
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That is a great idea. I actually have two Hermes scarves my mother gave to me – both horsey ones – one in bright green and blue with horses and bridles and the other in orange and black with some flowers they are both amazing but I never wear them the colours just don't suit me. Maybe if I framed them it would be a good use of all that quality and colour. !! xoxo
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vintage simple

I haven't framed a scarf, but I did frame the little Irish linen handkerchief my mother-in-law gave me for my wedding (I think it was the "something old" and I wore it somewhere in my dress – can't remember where! :) Anyway, all that to say, that I like the idea…

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Maryam in Marrakech

A ha! I have actually framed two Hermes scarves! I was given them as gifts from a French boyfriend 15 years ago. One is red, deep navy, and gold and is over an antique Tibetan red/gold painted trunk and under an old painted Moroccan muqarna cornice in my guest bedroom. The other, which is chocolate and red, is over my bar in my Africa-inspired dining room:-) Love it!
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I think it's an awesome idea, especially the print you have! It's so graphic and so YOU!!! I LOVE it!! What a great momento of Paris! I've always been obsessed with Ivanka Trump's framed scarf!!

Deborah Milne

"do it girl, do it". Lovely scarf Alek & what a wonderful gift to receive. Nice girlfriends I say. I agree with Jackie, too nice to leave in a drawer. It's a beautiful design & would look stunning framed. I say show it off!

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I love this idea. I have a printed dish towel(I know – that sounds weird, but it's a great design!) that I've wanted to frame for a while. I just need to find a frame that's big enough and budget-friendly!
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oh alek…that scarf is gorgeous! you should definitely frame it as it already looks like a work of art.

i've never framed a scarf but then i don't own a herme.
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A Perfect Peach

This is such a great idea – and that scarf is absolutely gorgeous! An amazing reminder of Paris!

I have a vintage French hankie framed in my bathroom – so inexpensive and lovely!


I haven't but it's a terrific idea and I may have to steal it. First I need to get the Hermes scarf, then I need to wear it till I feel I can put it behind glass. Or maybe just get 2 :-)


I love the idea! My friends brought me a beautiful embroidered scarf from Guatemala that was gorgeous, and I had it mounted and framed. I get a lot of compliments on it. I love your Paris scarf, what a lovely memento!
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London Zest: I was wondering about that too.

mise: I'm still waiting for my invitation. 😀

Vintage Simple and A Perfect Peach: What a lovely idea.

Maryam: Both sound lovely as do the surroundings!

Deb: They are nice girlfriends, aren't they? And they have great taste!

Emily: Not weird at all! There are so many beautiful ones now – they're worthy of framing. :)

Raina: How cool!!!

K-Line: Yes, get two!


I've never done this, but I think it's a great idea. A wonderful way to showcase and enjoy a piece that

might otherwise not see the light of day often enough. Yours, by the way, is lovely and I adore the color palette. That mother of yours is a smart cookie…apple doesn't fall far from the tree! ;0)
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Lindsey Lou!

*Runs to eBay in search of vintage scarves!* This is the second time I've seen such inspirational wall decorations today. MadebyGirl's Jenna(?) painted some stretch canvases in this really pretty yellow and now both of these ideas have got me thinking of ways to cover my drab apartment walls.
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What a wonderful idea! Just found your blog and it's fabulous. Hope to see whether or not you decide to frame your scarf although I would have to break the glass so I could grab and wear it!


Wait–don't hang your precious Hermes scarves just yet. A collection was started for me by my grandmother on the day of my birth so long ago. I have a few hundred scarves now, I suppose, many in their acid-free paper in Hermes boxes in climate-controlled closet. I wear many, too. Anyway, 15 yrs ago when buying another scarf, the new saleslady saw my name on the credit card and said, "Oh, you're the lady who covered her bedroom wall in Hermes scarves, aren't you?!". No, I wasn't…yet. Soon after a friend taught me how to do this: cover the wall in thin foam/batting tacked into place. I covered one wall of a dressing room in my 100-year-old Norman cottage. And it was so lovely. But when we sold that home and I took down the scarves, I wept–how the sun had faded and ruined those scarves my now deceased grandmother sacrificed to buy for me over the years. So, I think this is a great look but better for the 15 euro street silks than a treasured collection such as mine. Just a thought of regret from a sad writer.


Oh what a sweet gift from your girlfriends! I would frame it in a heart beat. I've never done it before, because I've never really found a scarf that pretty! I think it will look amazing.

I've been a bit behind on blog reading my laptop died last week and now the the loaner one I'm using from mom has been acting up all week. So super slow!!!

Off to check out your post on AT! Congrats again lady!!!!
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I have an hermes scarf my grandmother gave to me when I was small. I think this would be much better than having it sit in the drawer any longer:)

karly / design crisi

OK, this is just getting weird… first the tubs now the scarves. Wasn't planning on posting scarves, but I do have a small silk scarf collection that JUST THIS MORNING I was thinking I should frame and hang in my office.
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Hi, Nicolette, I plan on just laying the scarf on a piece of acid free board and then just framing it. I'll be tackling this once I get moved into my house so please stay tuned.


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