So most of you know that I’ve been completely enamored with yellow all year. And one of my favorite pairings with yellow is gray.


Isn’t this a lovely room? Well, what does this have to do with Rachel Zoe, you ask?

I’ll tell you. I was watching her show yesterday (recorded from Monday) and she went to New York for fashion week and stayed at the Thompson LES Hotel. Well, that reminded me that I had drinks on the terrace there back in July and I took a bunch of photos because I fully intended on blogging about it. But being a bit scatterbrained lately, I forgot all about it until I saw her show. Anyway, behold:


A yellow and gray dream come true. Yellow Bertoias!


But wait. I’m not done yet.


In some ways, these cushions look gray but they also look taupe-y brown in others, don’t they?

And that leads me to my next point. (I swear this is going somewhere.) I fell in love with the Dwell Studio Draper bedding a while back. Even though I’ve only had white bedding for as long as I can remember, I gave in because I’m a sucker for stripes and in the yellow and gray combination, I couldn’t resist.

Picture 24

I had planned on using this in the fall with a wooly gray throw but the thing is, next to anything gray, these stripes actually look more brown and the yellow is more of a dark mustard. I still love it but it’s not the yellow and gray I thought it was. And that got me thinking about this room that I’ve loved for a while:


At first glance, wouldn’t you say this room was yellow and gray? But looking closely, the gray looks more taupe like in the hotel terrace photos, doesn’t it?

So what I learned from this little exercise is that I think I like yellow and taupe as much as yellow and gray. For you color experts out there: what do you call that color that’s in between gray and taupe?

Writing this post gave me a headache. I hope it didn’t give you one reading it!

(Photos: 1.via Haystack Needle 2.Decorpad 3-5.FROM THE RIGHT BANK 6.Dwell Studio 7.via Desire to Inspire)




I keep on seeing this combination everywhere too and absolutely love it. From the age of 2 my daughter would tell anyone who would listen that Mumma's favourite colour is yellow. I love it with grey.
.-= Jennifer´s last post ..I Heart Spring =-.


Lovely post – I like Jacqueline thought of graupe but spelled Grawp (character from Harry Potter). I think I am prejudiced against yellow – I don't generally decorate with colours I don't wear as clothes. Is that narrow or what!
.-= Jane´s last post ..Spring Things at the Prahran Market =-.


Lovely post! I am a yellow and grey addict as well. Just in the process of decorating our kitchen those very colours.

Love the pendant lamps in the bedroom pic. So cheery!

.-= Meg´s last post ..Lytham St Annes Wedding =-.

pretty far west

Well hurrah, that yellow front door is the exact same colour as mine. It's great to find I'm accidentally stylish. I love the yellow Bertoia chairs, and sunshine yellow with slate grey always gets me looking. I must learn how to pronounce taupe next.
.-= pretty far west´s last post ..at last, a wall =-.


I think the color between gray and taupe is Mouse?! A true beautiful Mouse color?! haha! Um, love the yellow, love the Bretolia chairs, love the Dwell bedding, no headache, love it all! I had a yellow room growing up, and mustard has been my yellow of choice for the past few years, belts, artwork, cashmere, just can't get enough….
.-= Meg´s last post ..Patchwork Kilims =-.


That bedding is beautiful! It's kind of fun how gray can look like taupe depending on the light and other colors around it. And yet it does always looks great with yellow.
.-= Courtney´s last post ..Candy Colored Walls =-.


absolutely head over heels for this color combo too….my son absolutely loves yellow too because he equates it to mustard (his favorite condiment)!! i just love how happy yellow is, especially in these rooms!
.-= Maria´s last post ..Happy Birthday baby =-.

my favorite and my b

i say it's sable. that color you ask of.

and i love it. and i love it with blue. i also love it with yellow. i think when you pair "sable" with blue it is softer, cooler.

when you pair it with yellow it is warm. weird how that works.

love the bertoia chairs, I die too.
.-= my favorite and my best´s last post ..the next design turd, part doo =-.

Marsi @ The Cottage

One of my favorite color combinations! I live in a neighborhood of 50's ranch homes, and a neighbor on an adjacent street painted his home (which has cedar shingle siding) gray, with a bright yellow 50's style (think Crestview) door. It looks amazing!
.-= Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese´s last post ..Patios & Outdoor Rooms =-.


First of all, I can't believe I missed her show again. Second, I am in LOVE with this color scheme. And last, I have been eyeing that Dwell bedding for months now.

Lovely post.
.-= Rachel´s last post ..DIY: Dresser =-.


nope, no headache! i'm also so in love with yellow.. what's wrong with me this fall?? yellow, black, gray, white and gold, thank you.

lovely sheets, i don't think we have Dwell here..? i will google it up right away
.-= tiina´s last post ..scandinavian design fair: Formex =-.


Jacqueline, Jane, Dagny: graupe/grawpe/greige – I love them all. I think we need to introduce them into the English language.

my favorite and my best: You're so right. It's gorgeous with dark blue too. Maybe the color of the sheets is a light sable. Oh, colors. So confusing.

mise: It's no accident, my dear.

Simone: Thank you!


Glad to see other interior design bloggers discussing Rachel Zoe. Makes me feel less embarrassed that I have a style crush on her. Like I covet EVERYTHING in her wardrobe.
.-= Alissa´s last post ..Design Your Own… =-.


HI Alek

Well I think the girls have the colour named perfectly. I have the same issue with browns/greens depending on the light. Well although I not a big fan of yellow, I do love the first 2 images. Have a great week. x Julie
.-= Julie´s last post ..SPRING: Mermaids Awaken =-.


I am a big fan of yellow/grey combination, something about it is so cheerful, I guess like seeing the sun come out through the clouds of grey.. Lovely pictures you've used, that is one stunning hotel!

.-= Gintare´s last post ..Fall Shopping! =-.


erin and Alissa: I've secretly been in love with her since last year. I feel so much better that I came out with it(!)

suise q: Frenchy gray too! It's all in the same family, isn't it.

Gintare: That's a lovely way of looking at it! :)

Siiri: Girl, you have hooked me up as usual. I'm going to be on that site forever.


In modern design, especially neutral color set ups, often feels like it's devoid of colors. But in fact, in these cases, a bright color will suddenly grab your attention, and we can really see the beauty of the set up.


Your speaking my language. I've professed my love for grey a wee bit too much lately. And grey and yellow together? Perfection!



How do you do it? Always showing us the most incredibly designed spaces! I love grey, and now you have convinced me that yellow is a nice mate for it!

.-= Melissa´s last post ..E is for Education =-.


Lindsey: Great minds think alike! Black White Yellow is one of my favorites. Jessica even guest blogged for me. :) And I love that Ikea cabinet. (I actually blogged about it earlier this year.) I wish I had room for it because I think it's so awesome.


love this color combo. I just bought a chair with it, but the pattern is too busy for my taste, back it must go:(
.-= paula´s last post ..A Home =-.

Linda Clift

I am really into shades of grey this year , might try the yellow it looks stunning. I have been into greys and blues and there is a French raspberry that loves grey

Really love your pictures Linda


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