In the past week, I’ve bought three new pillows. I’m out of control. Soon there won’t be any room in our house for any inhabitants. It’ll just be a house filled with pillows. But I just can’t help myself. Pretty pillows, especially on French settees, make me weak in the knees.

mcm viahighheel

And who does that look better than Anna at Black and Spiro?


I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that her work just got published in Australian Vogue Living. It’s easy to see why!


All of these photos make me want to have my French settee reupholstered in burlap or gray and white stripes (like in the first photo). Is it wrong to have something reupholstered that was freshly reupholstered and hasn’t been used at all? Also, does anyone have any idea how much something like that costs? (Mine is an antique and looks like the second to the last one. No removable cushions.) Thanks for any tips and advice!

Photos: 1.via Dress, Design & Decor 2.via High Heeled Foot in the Door 3.Marie Claire Maison 4&5.Black and Spiro)



Bochenko Artdeco

CONGRATULATION! You're going to be published! It's amazing! You must be a happy girl right now,huh?

First one is to die for! Love it way too much!so my style!

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HI Alek – go for the stripe the burlap will wear really badly I would say. We reupholstered a 1950's horsehair couch last year and it was v expensive. I would say at least $2000 for yours but then again maybe its cheaper in the lovely US. Have a sunny weekend.
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mise @ pretty far we

Yes, cushions are hard to resist! I love that first settee too – it looks so inviting and gracefully aged. Good reupholstering is often pretty much as expensive as buying new, I find, but worth it if you have a lovely old settee. A grey linen ticking would be beautiful and give you great scope for diverse cushion colours.
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Hi Alek, there are no rules about when or why you recover a sofa (or settee in this case). When you get it recovered I am sure it will bring you much joy every time you look at it, and that in itself will mean that it's worth every penny. Have a great weekend. Lee
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Really cute post. I understand! I have one very similar to the white one. Found it at an amazing flea many years ago, and when I got it home it was a mess. I just so happened to have some taupe velvet leftover from a project and needed something on it and figured it is better than nothing and I have no clue what I want on it. Fast forward five years and it is still on there, looks off, but I have always felt guilty ripping it off. Thanks to you, I AM RIPPING! It is so gorgeous and it would be used and enjoyed if I didn;t have it in the background because it doesn't fit our life or the look I want. Go for it!!!!!
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I'm ordering a wrought iron daybed for my daughter's room expressly to fill it with throw pillows.

I'm kidding. Kinda.

I spent two college summers upholstering. If you want DIY instructions on your settee, PM me.

If you just want welt cord and not nailhead trim, you're probably looking at $500-750 in labor. That types of settee is actually quite easy to do.
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susie Quillin

I am longing for a french settee. My mother-in-law has two antique beauties and I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that one of them might just come my way when she downsizes in the near future. I'm going with oatmeal-colored natural linen. However, one of them is currently upholstered in a pink linen flame stitch and it's already divine. Oh! And be pillow crazy. You're totally allowed!
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I so want a settee! I have two slipper chairs that will be perfect sitting opposite said settee. Now I just need to acquire the extra money and space needed… Details, details.
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I have no tips or advice reagarding upholstery. Sorry. Just a fellow pillow addict here. I would love a settee like yours. I would fill it with pillows and redo it every other year.

Kristin @ Contented

Wow… I am loving that first one. The gray and white striped cushions are so fabulously French!

I know that around here (in chicago) the cost to reupholster a settee in the style of the second to last one with fixed seat and back cushions would probably be around $500-600 for labor plus fabric. I think it's worth it!
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I know the thing.. once you like it you want more and more… I have the same with candles or are they called candlesticks mmmm …I have way to many of them haha

The stripes are gooooooddddd!!

have a nice weekend, I will make some pictures of my new room this weekend 😉
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Thanks for all the input, guys. You're the best! I'll let you know how it turns out!

jen jafarzadeh

I have a thing for pillows too! I always wanted a sofa full of different patterned pillows. And I pretty much want to buy a roll of burlapy, gray and striped fabric to do a bunch of projects. I've been loving that look.
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I don't think there is anything wrong with making something as pretty as you like! Beautiful photos! Make me want to take a long afternoon Sunday nap!
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pillows, there's no such thing as too many! i'm so into black'n'white stripes at the moment, so i was just thinking about my old sofa how it could turn out stripey one of these days. yes, it's on my todo list now.
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oh my goodness — completely dealing with the pillow situation right now — they are overtaking the place! and in every shape, size and hue imaginable. rivaled only by all the shoes, of course, which, you are right — can never have enough :)

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Yeah, what is it with pillows? I've got gobs of them. They are stuffed everywhere. I'm trying to pass a few off as floor pillows. For what I've spent in $20 pillows, I could have bought a piece of real furniture.

Your settee sounds cool either way. Why aren't you using it now?
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