I don’t know how I could have gone this long without mentioning Vicente Wolf.


I first learned of him through his book, Crossing Boundaries (one of my very favorites!), and have been a fan ever since. 


There are plenty of white spaces in his designs with lots of natural elements, all things I love. But the thing that really draws me to his style is his incorporation of art and furnishings from all over the world and how unique his spaces are as a result.


As an avid traveler, I’ve often bought pieces on trips that never quite worked once I got them home. Vicente Wolf is a wizard at it and I really admire the seemingly effortless way he does it.


And guess what, he has a blog!  Don’t you love it when designers have their own blogs? 

In other news, I’m going to be unveiling a new feature tomorrow and I’m so excited that I’m actually giddy. Yes, I said giddy. I hope you’ll like it. See you then!

(Photos: Vicente Wolf)




Hi there!

TY lots for coming… Your blogsite is a fab and will be my fav §:-))

I Love Mr. Wolf too. I read his book Crossing Boundaries 2-3 yrs ago at one of our famous designers Simon & Thomas at the London W8 in Stockholm and I fall in love with his style and designs. Apart, I don't have the marginal that I need to remodel my poorman's house.

I saw you posted cubby houses too. The lil house you mentioned is my & hubby's project and I can't wait to decorate the inside .

Have a wonderful mid-week and hope to see you again. I will link you on my fav bloggers *wink

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His work is great I agree. His blog is hilarious too. Check out the 26 June post where he vents about clients who don't understand and won't pay for quality. We have all been there (at least I have in my real life job)


I agree, the man is an interior design genius isn't he. Thanks for alerting me to the fact that he has a blog.

Can't wait for the unveiling of your new feature!! Lee


Hi Alek. Gorgeous images and such relaxing spaces. I too am an avid fan of surrounding oneself with reminders of travel. It's like living your best moments every day! Thanks for the links and am curious to see you new feature!! Intrigue!! :) Julie
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Wonderful post. I am with you. He somehow makes it seem so effortless and it all works in a way that few can pull off. Love every one of these images.
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I'm pretty much obsessed with him. He's my #1 fave. Love his house, those steel windows, all that white! He always uses cultural/ethnic elements which are my absolute fave too! :) Love this post, ps. How did I not know he had a blog, AHH! SO good!
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He is a forever favorite and the blog is a must-read, I agree. He has such a deft way of combining simple, beautifully-lined furnishings with great art. And his use of larger-than-life mirrors always makes me gasp. Plus, that second to last shot with the ancient bits of wood mounted just so, would have been perfect for my post today!

I'm giddy to see your new feature as well. A demain!
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Chie: Thank you! It's so nice to see you.

Jane: That post was awesome! 😀

Meg: Being the travelers that we are, it only makes sense that we would both love him, right?

nkp: We were on the same wavelength, eh?

bananas: Girl, you so crazy! I'd love to write a book if anyone other than my mother and you would buy it!


Hey lady,

I just got an interesting email from a list serve that was a forward from a lady at HGTV about some interest in seattle. Your Seattle based readers might be interested. Take a look at today's post on my blog and if you want to connect to it (or do a brief post with the same info) feel free. I want to spread the word, and I know you're great at doing that!

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How funny I was just looking at his apt in one of this months shelter mags. I was totally behind on reading and just saw it last night and wrote down in my little blog notebook that I must do a post on him and voila you've already done it for me. Thanks! :) Great post and super excited about the new feature.
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it sure looks like he knows what he is doing!!! if he came over to my house he would have a lot to do! hahahhaha

and so glad to hear you are giddy. that is a good thing! and i can't wait to see what it is all about!
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A few of his rooms have been featured on HGTV's Top 10 :-)

I like the way he's displayed the artwork in the first picture. Clever to prop them up on shelves and chairs — makes it easy to switch things around any time you want :-)

Thanks for checking out Rewind Wednesday :-) I'd love to stay in a trllo too!!

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A Life More Fabulous

I love Vicente – his book is one of my very favourites! I dream of travelling round with him and finding all kinds of treasures and taking beautiful photos along the way…
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I love his work too! Goodness I don't think I'll ever be able to make up my mind. I fell in love with the Hotel Missoni, but I also love a white canvas like these photos. Just gorgeous!!!
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susie Quillin

I love Vincent Wolf. His souvenirs and found objects are sublime. I even posted a couple of times about him — but had no idea about his blog! Wow — it's great! Thank you!
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He is very talented. I love how he displays art, and photos. His NYC home featured in Veranda Magazine is spectacular! He is also on Twitter…

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