Can you find one picture that sums up your design style? This is the challenge I issued a few months ago. (If you’re new to my blog, you can read the original challenge here.)

Well, when I saw this room recently, I practically started hyperventilating. I don’t think you could possibly fit one more thing that I love into this picture:

white floors
natural light
painting in a gilt frame
that armoire which I professed my love for before
the tulip table which I also wrote about before
Bertoias – one of my favorite chairs. I know. I have a lot of favorite chairs.

This room is so perfect for me that I decided it had to be my new “one picture.” And then this got me thinking: I’m sure those of you who participated in the first challenge have come across new rooms that could describe your style and maybe your styles have even changed since then. So . . . I decided I’m going to issue this challenge once every season. That’s right, you can now torture yourself four times a year! [I’m talking to you, Lauren!]

And if you’re new to all this, what say ye all? Are you up to the challenge? Can you find one picture that says “you?” It can be kind of painful but it’s so much fun.

To do a better job of gathering these posts this time, I’ve added a handy dandy new feature. Yup, we’re gettin’ all fancy up in here now.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Post your one picture on your blog with a link back to this challenge.
  2. Add your name and the permalink to your post (not your general blog address) in the form below.
  3. You can give your picture a description in parentheses after your blog name if you like. For example:

Alek (white modern glam)

And that’s it. Just make sure your link goes to the right page so it won’t get deleted. You can add your link anytime and if you’ve done this little exercise recently, feel free to add it now.

I’ll also be keeping a list of all the participants (with a link) under the “What’s Your Style” Challenge photo in the column on the right and it’ll stay there the whole season. [Update: Sorry but apparently I’m too incompetent to make this happen. I hope you won’t mind too terribly that the list will remain on this page only.]

Okay, everyone ready? Go find your picture! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

(Photo via the City Sage)




Oh, I really wish I found a picture…, maybe I'll do and come back. It would also help me visualize my next dream home which I want to be within walking distance to a beautiful beach!


Oh man! This is a seriously hard assignment! I think three years of law school were easier than committing to ONE perfect image…there's just soooo much I love out there! But I like a good challenge, so off I go…

p.s.- I love the way you've organized this little game. You, my dear, are brilliant and so fun!
.-= nkp´s last post ..Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! =-.


Thank you all who dare to take the challenge! Remember you can add your post any time. This page and the list of participants will be up all summer! Have fun!

A Life More Fabulous

You are right, I think we’re design twins – this is pretty much exactly what I would sum myself up with! I’m excited for this challenge – I’ll have to go peruse all the old inspiration files…
.-= A Life More Fabulous´s last post ..The Domino Effect… =-.


Done! (I mean, posted my last photo – you think I'd find a new one that quickly??! No way I'm putting myself through that again… Although your new 'the one' pic is so absolutely gorgeous that I'm feeling the need to change mine… Oh no, here we go again).

PS Thanks for the blogroll addition!
.-= lucy@fourwallsandaroof´s last post ..Dramatic monochromatic: Donald Baechler =-.


I also had three runner-ups: Treasure Island (Caribbean kitchen), Nighttime in Neutral (organic bedroom) and fashion by the fire (glam living room).


Love your room…those chairs and the tulip table-I'm currently on the hunt for the cheaper versions!! Love your challenge, it's a joy to participate.


I love this challenge. It's so fun! I've been trying to find my picture forever. It totally sums up my summer style.

Thanks Alek!
.-= Kat´s last post ..oh, this room. =-.


Elisa: Because of my move, this has been on hold but it will definitely be back! I actually have a few new ides for it too so stay tuned!


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