Manhattan Poster


I’m not normally into prints but the Manhattan Poster by Jim Datz from Three Potato Four is hard for me to resist. I think I’m really drawn to it because being a vagabond, New York is the closest thing to a “home” that I have. It’s the city I lived in the longest, the one I know best and where I feel the most comfortable.


I’m a Manhattanite but for all you Brooklynites (yeah, you’re cooler), there’s one for you too:


Speaking of New York, I’m on my way there now for my usual fix of friends, food, fashion and frolicking. So I’ll be blogging from there tomorrow and Monday. Whoo hoo!

(Photo: Three Potato Four)


  1. desiree says:

    Looks like an old children toy.. My daughter and her boyfriend stayed in Brooklyn for 3 months last summer.. a lot of pictures I saw were really beautiful and pure, I love to see those buildings. My daughter though really missed missed the little center town of Amsterdam where we live after 2 months …. you know the charme of places like Paris and Amsterdam with their old buildings and canals 😉

    Have a nice time in NYC
    .-= desiree´s last post ..Beton =-.

  2. camila says:

    Oh how exciting. You are coming to NY! Next time tell me and we can meet up!!!

    Love those posters and totally agree Brooklyn is cooler. I so wanted get an apt their, but the husband nixed that idea and I realized I'm so not cool enough.
    .-= camila´s last post ..Orange you happy… =-.

  3. Charlie says:

    Have an amazing time in New York. Alek you intrigue me and I must ask that when you return we start to share information. Your New York connection is news to me. I am now left wondering if we have ever met..hmmm. Thank you so much for mentioning the giveaway! I hope all your American and Canadian readers will stop by and join in the fun.
    .-= Charlie´s last post ..Giveaway from All Modern =-.

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