So most of you know how much I adore white interiors. One of the things that I’ve always loved but never thought I could have were white floors. On the ground level we have concrete floors and I love them and don’t want to muck around with them. But upstairs, we have wooden floors and the other day, it hit me: why don’t I paint them white? I can think of a lot of reasons, including:

1. It would be a huge pain;

2. I’m not a very good painter so it would probably turn out horribly – all uneven with all kinds of things stuck in it;

3. It seems sacrilege to paint pristine wood floors; and

4. I’m too lazy for this big an undertaking.

But white rooms with white floors just take my breath away.


Every time I see one of those fantastic Scandinavian interiors, it always has a white floor.


So that’s my crazy idea for the week. I don’t think I have the guts to actually do it but it’s kind of fun to play around with the idea. Would you ever paint your floors?

(Photos: 1. Livingetc. 2. Apartment Therapy 3. Skona Hem)



Anonymously Chic

white floor are beautiful and i'd love to have them if i thought for one second my dogs could learn to wipe their paws before coming inside (and if that was the case, i'd also teach them to use the toilet), so until then i'll be admiring from afar…

Lauren Liess

You are SO not crazy to want to paint them white but would have trouble covering up beautiful floors too!! :) In our new house we have terribe linoleum in the basement so we're going to attempt to paint it white. Very excited & i'll keep you posted!!! :) xoxo


yes! I want white floors! I'm considering painting the floor in our apartment (which is now oak parquet flooring) but am also worried about points 1 & 2. perhaps hire someone to do it? beautiful selection of photos, as always :-)


I am totally in love with painted white floors. I've asked my hubby if I could it a millon times in our new home. (2 levels are all wood floors), but I keep getting a big fat NO. Ah one day I'll get to it. Until then I just get to pretend I live in all those pictures that you posted.


I have a very similar love of white floors but don't know if I could do it myself either ( I am not the best of painters either!). Also a huge congrats on the desire to inspire mention!!!:)

Can't believe I haven't done it before but I just added you to my blogroll too!

Daly Essentials

such beautiful pictures! My floors in my apartment are such a wreck and so badly needing to be refinished… maybe I'll just have to be the one daring enough to try painting them white!!


these photos are fantastic – especially the 2nd one with the high gloss finish! i don't know if i could live with white floors without being "OCD" overboard…they probably would look much nicer in a home that isn't used :) ha ha!


I don't know if I'd want them in my own home but I sure love the look of white floors. These images are so beautiful!

Fifi Flowers

I ADORE my natural hardwood floors… I would NOT paint them… I might consider a black harlequin pattern on them in my entry… natural wood & black pattern. The white is pretty… but sooooo not moi!


I love white floors too! In fact, I have all white flooring now. I love how clean and shiny the tiles look all the time…the only thing that gets to me is cleaning/sweeping it on a daily basis. I live in Bali right now where most everyone leaves their doors and windows open all day due to the tropical heat…therefore, an open invitation for everything to enter the house and collect on the WHITE FLOORS! :)

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I also love the look of all white floors. Here in Bali, my current house has all white floors but they are white tile. The tile always looks fresh and shiny. The downfall to white floors here is that most people leave their doors and windows open all door as most people do not have air conditioners here so that means lots of sweeping time during the day. :) All-in-all, I still have the look of all white floors. :)

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Meg Mitchell

I had always wanted white floors so when I moved into my present house and the floors needed an upgrade, I had white hardwood floors put in. I felt like my home doubled in space and light and when I have my women friends over for dinner, they ooh and ahh all night. I decided I only live once and that if white floors are a dream…I would make them a reality.


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