Favorite Paris Shops: Cote Bastide

picture-463 picture-456

Before moving to Paris, I had known Côté Bastide for their great bath products. But after walking into their shop, I discovered it’s a whole lifestyle. I sometimes fantasize about a vacation house in the French countryside and it would basically look like a Côté Bastide shop.

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  1. Helenna says:

    Breathtaking! I have been furnishing a holiday house here in Tropical North Queensland Australia in the French style…. it has been very difficult with such limited choice. Your pictures are incredibly beautiful.


  2. I love all of the Cote Bastide products.
    I am so jealous that you had a chance to visit their shop.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely images.

    I also wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Your blog is wonderful. I am so glad to have found it!


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